Why don't we build with laminated veneer lumber?

 Profiled laminated Board

Production of laminated veneer lumber begins with the primary processing of wood – firstly, it is sorted, cut into boards and prepared for drying. In drying chambers, the edged board lends itself to the necessary temperature conditions, which guarantee drying of the board evenly over the entire length. Then they are cut to the width of the desired workpiece. This process makes it possible to detect hidden defects of wood, which are subsequently removed on the trimming machines. After this – the process of bonding to the timber.

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 wild frame Construction

All houses are cut exclusively manually, in a way of Canadian lumbering. The main advantage of this construction technology is the preservation of the outer layer of wood – sapwood. This small layer in many technologies of processing of wood is lost, for example, in rounding or lumbering.

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